Web Security Overview

    Make the web safer for your employees and guests

    Cloud-based web protection at the DNS level that stops malware and inappropriate web use in its tracks.

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    Fast and simple setup

    Get protected fast with wizard-based policy configuration.

    • Defend against malicious sites and enforce acceptable use policies
    • Integrates with Mimecast Email Security for consistent protection
    • Intelligent proxy delivers deeper scanning of suspicious sites and file downloads
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    Dashboard for at-a-glance visibility

    Real-time visualizations help to monitor security and protection status.

    • See overall web activity trends, top domains and categories, top blocked domains and categories
    • Click-through to drill down to more detail information
    • Access the activity report for more granular log data
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    Detailed reporting

    Instantly see details of every web request made for faster investigations.

    • See who requested a page, and the outcome
    • Apply filters to find items faster
    • Drill down to see additional forensics including IP and device details

    App Visibility and Control

    Shine a light on shadow IT with full visibility into which cloud apps are being used. Then choose whether to block, monitor and/or allow those apps.

    • See what apps are being used, by whom and how often
    • Block or allow app categories or specific apps for everyone, groups or specific users
    • Ensure consistent controls and protection no matter how apps are accessed, including on mobile
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    Anywhere, anytime protection

    Ensure consistent protection for all users and devices both on and off the network.

    • Instant protection in the office for both corporate and guest wi-fi users
    • Remote workers are always protected with security agents for Windows, Mac and iOS
    • Customizable block pages give employees the confidence to work incident-free

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    Mimecast Web Security

    The web is a critical tool for organizations of all types and sizes, and its usage grows by the day. Unfortunately, so do the risks. Bring-your-own-device, the anytime and anywhere workplace, and the unrelenting volume of activity make protecting the web an ever-evolving challenge. However, with web being the second-most commonly used vector for cyberattacks* and the top distraction for employees at work, security and visibility are essential.

    Mimecast Web Security protects against malicious web activity initiated by user action or malware and blocks business-inappropriate websites based on customer-configured policies and Mimecast’s threat intelligence capabilities. Easy to deploy and manage, it gives you the technology needed to keep the web safe, delivered in the most cost-effective and least complex way possible.

    *Source: Cisco 2018 Cybersecurity Report

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    SANS Institute Review of Mimecast Web Security

    This review from SANS is an in-depth evaluation of the Mimecast Web Security service capabilities designed to protect against malicious sites, provide visibility into all web requests and enforce acceptable web use, and mitigate shadow IT risks due to uncontrolled cloud app use.

    <p><span>SANS Institute Review of Mimecast Web Security</span></p>

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