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Mimecast Use Case

Security Insights

Access enhanced logging with visibility to administrative changes, account access, message lifecycle to provide a thorough assessment of the email security landscape. Seamlessly integrate to SIEMs to provide a comprehensive view of an organization's full security estate.

Mimecast Use Case

Threat Sharing

When working with multiple security platforms, the combined knowledge of these platforms is critical for the most expansive protection possible. Mimecast allows you to take information from other sources and preventatively strengthen your email security posture.

Mimecast Use Case

Orchestration & Remediation

When a security incident has been discovered, an organization wants to take every possible measure to remediate and prevent the threat from spreading, or gaining exposure. The Mimecast API provides the capability to block addresses, IPs, URLs and remediate existing risks.

Mimecast Use Case

Security Investigation

When looking into a potential incident, robust searching capabilities are essential. Mimecast provides powerful message tracking to identify issues in real-time, which can be quickly used to address a concern quickly.

Mimecast Use Case


Utilizing Mimecast's archiving features, more expansive search abilities become available. The archive search provides enhanced filtering to programmatically search within a single user's archive, or across the entire organization with granular role-based permission.

Mimecast Use Case

Provision Customers

Registered Managed Service Providers, can use APIs to automate account provisioning, updating licensing, manage configuration changes and disable legacy accounts.

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What makes Mimecast different?

Open API Ecosystem. Endless Possibilities.

The Mimecast platform, Mime|OS, was designed and built as the foundation for all our products. Here, the cloud is the backbone to everything we do. Every service, all our technology and expertise is cloud-native, and has been that way since our inception. It continues to consistently grow, evolve and improve, providing benefits to individual customers and the entire Mimecast community.

The micro-services, high-functioning, granular software components, that power Mimecast products communicate with each other through API’s (Application Programming Interfaces). This makes Mime|OS an API-native platform and allows us to expose a vast API ecosystem to our customers and partners. They can take advantage of these APIs to plug into one of the world’s largest cyber resilience ecosystems to build powerful integrations that deliver even greater value to customers. Pre-built integrations make reaping the benefits of Mimecast fast and easy.


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